The Worst Way to Communicate With Clients

Tin can phoneOften at Engage, we discuss effective communication strategies to use with prospects and clients. After all, in order to be an effective salesperson, learning to communicate effectively is a necessary prerequisite. There’s truly no way around it.

However, it’s equally important for you to understand the “client repelling behaviours” which will land you in hot water with your sales results. Both new and experienced salespeople often don’t even realize when they are displaying poor business etiquette to prospects and clients. Don’t get stuck in the same category as these sales reps!

In today’s era of mobile and smartphone technology, you are encouraged to take advantage of the many different avenues of communication to get in touch with clients. Texting, Skyping, faxing, emailing, and calling are all acceptable forms of communication when trying to reach your prospects. It’s what you do during the communication process that really matters.

Would you ever check email, texts or voicemails during a face-to-face meeting? The answer is (hopefully) no. Yet, many salespeople seem to think this is acceptable behavior during a phone call or Skype session. Or, they may initiate a text with a client and get so busy during the day that they forget to reply.

Always ensure that when you communicate with a client, you are available for dialogue without any interruptions. Regardless of what form of communication you choose, your client should have your undivided attention so you can respond to them and their inquiries in a prompt manner.

During calls with clients, your phone and your outstanding notifications should be the furthest thing from your mind. If you must initiate a text message or a fax with a prospect, do so when you’re absolutely confident that you will have the time to respond to them in a timely manner.

There’s nothing worse than being unable (or forgetting) to respond to a client inquiry, especially when you’re the one who initiated contact. ← Click To Tweet

Multitasking with clients is simply client repellent behavior. Countless salespeople lose a sale not because of deficiencies in their products or services, but rather because their professional etiquette is not up to par.

Communication with your prospects is not to be taken lightly. No matter how “laid back” or “easy going” a prospect may seem to be, they will always be able to tune into a salesperson’s inability to stay focused or communicate effectively and promptly.

Always give your clients your undivided attention. They want to feel like your number one priority!

How do you ensure that your clients are given the attention that they deserve?

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