Get Rid Of The Fake News In Your Pipeline | Sales Strategies

I want to focus on what’s on the top of my mind, which is the end of the year for many of my clients. Right now, we’re moving towards the end of the calendar year, but the strategy that I want to talk about can and should be done every single month and quarter.

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The strategy is to get into your pipeline, clean it up, and get real about what is going to close and what won’t. As we move into what is arguably the last 6 weeks of the working year, you need to have an absolute clear expectation and understanding of what is real in your pipeline and what can close. This is not a time for fake news because anything in your pipeline that isn’t going to close will only clog up your time and mindset while taking away valuable resources from the best deals.

So clean up your pipeline, be honest with yourself, kick out the stuff that won’t close in 2017 or move it to 2018, and with what’s left, build your communication plan. When you create this communication plan, the most important thing you should do is look at the contacts inside that account or opportunity. If you’re not dealing with multiple people, then you’re dramatically reducing the chances of closing that business. Now is the time to be reaching out to multiple people.

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