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As you may know, I like to keep up on the state of the current buyer: what’s going through their minds, how are they behaving, and how are they rewarding or not rewarding sellers like us?

In particular, one important thing I’ve noticed right now is that buyers are rewarding salespeople who focus on their goals, align their solutions with their objectives, and show them how they’re improving their business operation over time.

What Does “Reward” Mean?

So, first of all, what does this mean? What does “reward” mean? Well, reward means that those buyers who are rewarding salespeople for this alignment are rewarding them with three things: 

  1. Retention: they stay with us longer.
  2. Growth: they buy more from us.
  3. Access: they provide us access to higher level stakeholders in the organization (this is important because as you move up through the organization and have access to those stakeholders, you can retain and grow your business more).

More importantly, how do we accomplish these well? Very simply, we ask. If it’s a new prospect—a new opportunity you’re trying to close—make sure that your qualification process uncovers the company’s goals and objectives. Maybe even the individual’s goals and objectives. Then, make sure the solutions you present to them show them in very clear language how you’re going to help them hit their goals. In doing so, the buyers/stakeholders can see clearly that you’re aligned with them and you have a higher chance of them rewarding you with the business.

With existing customers, constantly revisit those goals and, of course, show them how your solution is helping them accomplish it. Monitor your success, measure the results, and communicate it back to your customers on a regular basis.

When you accomplish that and you clearly communicate, “This is how we’re helping you hit your target so this has what the results have been,” your customers will reward you with higher retention, more growth, and access to more senior stakeholders.

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