The Key to Faster Sales

The key to faster sales is extremely obvious, yet also counterintuitive.

It has to do with your efficiency.

Obvious, right? Not so fast.

When I say efficiency, I’m not just talking about squeezing more prospecting calls into an hour or speed talking your way through a presentation so you can wrap it up and move on to the next one.

This advice about efficiency is counterintuitive because some sellers have “norms” which they may not readily see as issues until someone points it out.

Here’s what I mean…

I can’t tell you the number of salespeople I see who choose to “organize” themselves erratically, to say the least.

That is, they have a stack of papers on one side of their desk for one client, a folder somewhere in the havoc they call a filing cabinet for another client, some notes on their laptop for yet another client, some files on a tablet for the same client they’ve dedicated that stack of paper to, and a Dropbox folder that contains some necessary resources for each of their other clients, except for two whose documentation they store on their iPhone.

Read that last paragraph a few more times. If you’re able to do so without developing a headache, I applaud you. Yet, this is how many sellers choose to keep track of their work.

Naturally, they spend hours simply sorting through the mess they’ve created to find the necessary documentation they need to create a proposal, prepare for a meeting, or follow up with a prospect.

Salespeople need to keep everything in one dedicated spot—organized well—so that they can reference what they need to, quickly and easily.

The hours some salespeople are spending locating files or documents could very well be allocated to more productive activities.

This is the quickest, easiest, and potentially most powerful concept that some sellers can embrace.

If the example above reminded you of a member of your team or perhaps even yourself, it’s time to make sure this idea in efficiency is relayed and applied.

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