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Last month, I was working with a client who told me that a core group of their targeted market was interested in speed because whoever gets there the fastest will win the business, regardless of price.

Earlier in the year, we worked with two clients comparing their close rates. One had a response rate on new leads that was within one hour of the lead coming in and the other had a standard operating procedure of 48 hours. The difference in closing rates was 12 times more effective, meaning that the company that responded within the hour had 12 times higher a closing rate than the company that took two days to respond. Combine that with research with that says 75% of all new business goes to the person with the fastest response rate and it’s clear: time is the new value.

You need speed to follow up on new leads, be able to implement new ideas, and close the business as it’s what the customers want in this time compressed marketplace. How can you change your sales and lead generation processes to embrace speed? It’s clear that in this marketplace, those who can act fast get the win.

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  1. This is certainly true in our business. We have a response time of within the hour and are constantly thanked for the fast response. Our closing rate is generally in the 10-20% range depending upon which product.

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