The Year-End Strategy that Works All Year | Sales Strategies

A couple of weeks ago, the Engage Selling Facebook page hosted one of my Facebook Lives. During that video, we talked about pushing through to the end of the year and making sure that you either hit your goals or exceed past them.

The one strategy that I really want to emphasise with you is pipeline culling.

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So what exactly is pipeline culling? It means that you need to go in and do an objective fix of your pipeline. Get rid of the leads that you know aren’t going to close and accelerate the leads that you know you have a good chance of closing, either through a gut feeling or through verbal indication. You need to get real and get rid of the gunk and sludge. I bet that all of you right now have leads in the pipeline that have been sitting there for much longer than they need to be and you’re still thinking you can close the deal. Studies show that the longer a lead is in the pipeline, the less likely they are to close.

It’s better that you get rid of them now and have a clean, objective pipeline where you know where everything is, where the gaps are, and what you need to do to fix it. Having a fake or false pipeline isn’t going to help you reach your goals. Stop what you’re doing right now and clean out your pipeline. I promise that it will help you accelerate your sales.