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Account Plans are Not Optional | Sales Tips

A few weeks ago, I was at a client sales management meeting and we were discussing Account Management because many were concerned that they were starting to lose some of their accounts.  There was a lot of resistance from the sales managers that said their teams won’t do account plans because they don’t want to go to the rigor of documenting what they’re going to do as clients are often unpredictable.

How to Really Connect with Prospects

You could be the world’s greatest salesperson selling the world’s best product, but if you can’t connect with your prospects, will your sales results reflect your expertise?

If you can’t open a dialogue with prospective buyers, it becomes very difficult to sell a product or service!

This is a common problem for many sales professionals – the inability to secure a conversation with potential customers. A certain feeling of frustration creeps in and it can become difficult to maintain the focus or motivation to keep trying. When you’re passionate about your product and its ability to help your prospect, the frustration tends to grow even more.

Can you relate to these feelings? Chances are you have felt this frustration at one point or another.


What’s Your Client Backup Plan?

You cannot grow your business with a particular client if you’re relying on a singular point of information. Growth comes from not only the quality of contacts, but also your quantity of contacts in a particular organization.

If members of your sales team are not diversifying their contacts within an organization, it’s time that you ask them to start doing so. The truth is, your team needs to be increasing their engagement or “infiltration” with their clients if you have any hopes of growing your business within your existing customer base.

What’s the best way to begin practicing this?


Your Territory is Your Business | Sales Tips

Throughout this year, we’ve been talking a lot about the hallmarks, the characteristics, and the personality types of the top performers.


Getting Results from Poor Performers

It’s frustrating.

When you see a sales rep struggling month after month, and missing target after target, it’s enough to make any sales leader uneasy.

The problem is most leaders handle poor performers the wrong way. There’s a tendency to have “tough conversations” or attempt to punish them into higher performance. Some leaders even give poor performers the “cold shoulder” and allow a rep’s professional performance to seep into their personal behavior towards them. These are all things that are extremely counterproductive and more often than not, contribute to more negativity and even worse performance.

Luckily, there are strategies you can put into place to help improve their results. 

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