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No Excuse for a Summer Slowdown | Sales Tips

Many sales professionals associate summer with a drop in sales. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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Measure This to Grow Your Sales

There is a specific group of individuals and businesses out there that are actually your best and fastest way to make more sales.

You won’t find them by knocking on doors or during your regular prospecting routines and practices. You won’t find them via referrals or even testimonials.

This group of customers that are eager and most willing to buy your products and services are actually right under your nose as we speak.

Measure the growth of these individuals, and you’ll find the increased sales results you’re seeking. Enough suspense, I reveal exactly who these people are in this article.

Stop Swimming in Circles

Last week I was observing the geese in Alan Weiss’s pond. For the most part, the various adults and their goslings swam along in harmony, but, every once in a while an adult sensed a threat from one of their peers, and got mad. In an instant the angry goose changed his body position from neck elongated and regally upright to a pointed dagger. Low to the water, and neck dead straight, the threatened goose charged straight at the danger; which was usually another goose.

The attack was fast, and effective, straight to the point, and it all lasted about 30 seconds until the danger disappeared. After that, calm peaceful swimming reigned on the pond once again.

It struck me that most sellers don’t deal with threat head on. They skirt around the issue swimming in circles trying to keep their heads high. What if instead, you attacked it directly, and head on?  Here are some examples:

The Critical Way Buyers Have Changed | Sales Tips

Times have changed…and so have buyers. Here’s what they’re looking for today.

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Pay Commissions…with Time?

wall calendar calendar with the number of days and clock close-up

Sales is stressful.

You know, I know it…we all know it! Especially when commissions and bonuses are at stake, we all know the feeling of comparing our numbers to the sales target knowing we have limited time left to produce the expected results.

As a sales leader, this is something you need to take into account while managing your team. Contrary to popular belief, constant stress and fear are not the best motivators to get your team to create great sales. Too much stress will generally lead to a lack of productivity, more sick days, and higher turnover rates.


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