Pay Commissions…with Time?

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Sales is stressful.

You know, I know it…we all know it! Especially when commissions and bonuses are at stake, we all know the feeling of comparing our numbers to the sales target knowing we have limited time left to produce the expected results.

As a sales leader, this is something you need to take into account while managing your team. Contrary to popular belief, constant stress and fear are not the best motivators to get your team to create great sales. Too much stress will generally lead to a lack of productivity, more sick days, and higher turnover rates.

Have you ever looked at “time” as a possible commission type to pay your reps with? Think about it, giving additional time off to your salespeople will help them refresh, reenergize and recuperate. Now, this time off really needs to be an absolutely disconnect! Giving your team a break shouldn’t just be a formality, let them completely get away from the office physically and mentally. That means no tuning in to conference calls or checking in to email.

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What you’ll find is that when you provide your team with a day or two off in recognition of hitting targets or going above and beyond for a client, you create a win-win situation. You’re creating incentives for your reps to perform, but you’re also rewarding them in a manner that can mean more to them than just a financial bonus. Not to mention, they’ll come back to work more productive, at ease and ready to perform.

Perhaps that would make it a win-win-win!


One response to “Pay Commissions…with Time?

  1. Yes Colleen,
    it’s not just about rewarding with money.
    Time off is great, also Recognition, benefits for their family, holidays … in short whatever is meaningful to THEM

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