Things Clients Notice That You Don’t

Are you blind to the major turnoffs you may be exhibiting to your clients and prospects?

Look, your clients will tell you if they think your service is no longer of value to them or if they received poor customer service from one of your reps.

There are, however, equally destructive behaviors your clients see from you but won’t necessarily tell you about. They tend to be “socially awkward” subjects to bring up, and aren’t necessarily related to the work that you do.

So instead, your clients will simply inform you that they’ve “found a better fit” and once enthusiastic prospects will stop answering your calls.

What are these behaviors that you may not even be noticing yourself?

1. Not Dressing Well

I’m not telling you to put a tuxedo on for a Skype meeting or place a tiara over your head for lunch.

But, you do need to look presentable, modern and clean. While this point should be one of those “goes without saying” ideas, I can’t tell you the number of sales reps I’ve seen show up to meetings with old mustard stains on their shirt, holes in their shoes, mismatched socks and other obvious fashion cues we (should) learn much earlier in life.

You need to look like the professional you are and be someone that people want to work with.

Anything less than that gives off the perception that you lack confidence, ambition and attention to detail.

2. Low Energy 

Again, you don’t need to go overboard here and gulp down four RedBulls before your sales calls.

But, if you’re struggling to catch your breath after climbing two sets of stairs, or grunting and groaning to reach over for paperwork (given you’re not recovering from an injury), or yawning while your client is speaking, you’re demonstrating a certain lack of competence and while it’s not necessarily directly related to your professional abilities, it will give off the perception that you’re unable to keep up.

Your head needs to be in the game, and while I’m not your personal trainer, I’d advise you to also ensure you’re in moderately good shape so you’re not huffing and puffing throughout the sales call.

I know, you’re used to getting applicable sales strategies from me and not lifestyle advice. But, as I often mention, I’m dedicated to your sales success, so let’s not pretend the above points are a non-factor in your success.

What are other things that clients notice that salespeople often don’t?

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  1. Many thanks Colleen for a short and Brilliant post. Enjoyed reading it.
    Best regards

  2. Thanks a ton. Colleen, I need to give attention to the details.

    Though I know it, When my sales guru says it, I need to take it as I take other lessons from you.

    I follow all your lessons I read from the days where I was a sales person and now I am an entrepreneur. And your lessons are really boosting me to increase my sales and sales of my clients.

    Thank you

    And a great 2019


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