Eliminating Team Negativity

Negativity Concept Do you think that if your team has a negative attitude towards each other, it will translate to a negative attitude towards your customers?

The answer is a definite yes. When a team expresses negativity it can never just be contained internally. It always gets expressed externally as well. Your customers will always be able to tune into any negativity your team may have about other team members, your product or services, your company, or the customers themselves.

Negativity not only drives away customers, but good team members as well. The end result of continued and unchecked negativity can be catastrophic for your business! It’s therefore vital to realize that eliminating negativity from your team starts at the top…you! It’s only after you become passionate about your products, services, customers and company, can you expect your team to follow suit.

A great way to eliminate negativity and generate a positive mindset is to share every win. During team meetings and through e-mails, texts, or even your company website, discuss and broadcast your team’s wins! Share each success with the entire team, so each member of your team knows that success is possible and worth chasing after. There are few greater motivators than positive reinforcement and acknowledging your team’s successes.

Don’t allow negativity about customers to be broadcasted internally among your team. I once had a boss who imposed a strict rule. If you were caught once speaking negatively about a customer you were warned. Caught twice you were written up. If you were caught three times…you were fired! While it may seem harsh, my former boss understood that success is achieved by providing a positive customer experience. This philosophy boosted our branch’s customer satisfaction scores from mediocre to number one within a single quarter.

The gains didn’t stop there, our profits also soared way beyond our goals. Talk about fantastic results! These achievements didn’t happen as a result of working harder, working longer hours or imposing a new style of selling. They were achieved by sustaining a positive environment for ourselves and for our customers. It’s incredible what eliminating negativity can do!

Remember that there is very little positivity you can provide customers if your day is filled with internal negativity about them. A negative attitude is not only toxic, but also extremely contagious. ← Click To Tweet It’s vital to keep your team from being negative, because whether that mindset is expressed internally or externally, your customers will know. This will not only drive away customers, but valued team members and your profits as well.

How do you eliminate negativity from your team’s mindset?

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  1. Yes. We just went through this first hand. The bad attitudes of a few, effect the attitudes of many. It’s poison for a sales team.

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