You Have No Ideal Buyer

You no longer have an ideal buyer.

You have to throw out the notion that there’s a singular contact inside an organization who makes the buying decision.

Instead, realize that buying influences come in more shapes and sizes than ever before.

They can now come from different levels/positions of the organization and not necessarily the c-suite. They could be a VP, they could be a director, they could be a manager, or they could hold no managerial position at all.

With today’s information overload generation, the most effective sellers and organizations find ways to attract all levels of their clients’ organization so that, ultimately, all buying influences are included.

One of my clients got serious about applying this concept in their organization. They began publishing sales materials that were applicable and valuable to multiple levels within their ideal client organization. Their closing ratios increased from 10% to 40% and they also shortened the time it took for them to close deals from 120 days to 90 days.

This is the power behind understanding that the ultimate buying decision can be influenced from multiple directions and angles.

Be universal in your attraction methods!