How Top Sellers Treat Buyers

There is absolutely a difference between how top sellers interact with people, compared to how mediocre or poor sellers interact with people.

Of course, one of the most important interactions a seller can have is with their buyers.

And, being able to identify the contrast between how top and poor sellers communicate with customers is an important skill for sales leaders and salespeople alike.

Let’s begin with how poor performers interact with buyers.

They generally do it in one of two ways.

Either, they think their buyer is “above them” and are meek and submissive around them, or the seller comes in with a “know-it-all” attitude and treats the buyer as an inferior.

Neither of these two mindsets create longterm relationships. Buyers don’t want to deal with someone they feel lacks confidence in their own expertise or abilities, and they also don’t want to feel like a subordinate!

The truth is, your buyers are seeking partners, someone who knows what they’re talking about, but is also open to feedback.

And, without coincidence, this is exactly how top sellers choose to interact with their clients and customers. They treat their buyers as peers, they’re receptive to their clients’ insights, but also provide their own expertise and can steer the ship without feeling intimidated by high-level executives or decision-makers.

Remember that nobody is born a “top salesperson” or a “poor salesperson,” what separates the best from the worst (or even the mediocre) are the mindsets, behaviors and communication that each individual seller chooses to use.

So, never underestimate the interactions your salespeople are having with their clients!


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  1. Many thanks Colleen, great informative post. Thanks for sharing it with us. – Barry.

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