Will You Hit Your Goals This Year?

We’re approaching the halfway mark of the year (already!), will you hit your goals?

At the beginning of the year, most of us had goals set for the next 12 months. There was a certain excitement in the air and the feeling of “anything is possible” in the minds of many sellers.

However, flash forward a few months later, and many of those goals have already fallen by the wayside.

Now is a great time to do an assessment and get recalibrated if needed!

1. Ensure Your Goals Are Communicated

This may sound obvious, but far too many sales leaders have a sales target or goal in their head and aren’t doing an adequate job of relaying that goal to their sales team. Check in with your sellers, see how they’re progressing and trending so far in the year, and ensure they’re keeping their targets and goals at the top of their minds and not losing track of where they stand.

2. Tie Your Goals Into Your Sellers’ Goals

Here’s a truth about people. Your sales team doesn’t care about your sales goal. They care about their own goals. You need to embrace this reality and ensure that any goals you set are tied into your team’s personal goals. That means considering promotions, bonuses, additional time off, and other incentives to get your team going.

The next few months are going to be vital for your success this year. Now is the time to reassess where you’re at, and course correct to ensure you’re giving your team enough time to calibrate and move towards your goals for the year!

What’s your goal or target for your organization this year?

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