Will You Create Sales Success in 2016?

Conceptual 2016 year speedometer

“This year is going to be MY year.”

Almost without fail, each year we all hear phrases like this leading into January. It’s a good thing. It shows that most people have a genuine interest in being successful. Unfortunately, interest alone is not enough to follow through with creating real success. You must develop an unwavering commitment to your success and follow through by taking serious action.

Over the years, I have worked with and observed many successful salespeople. By successful, I mean they are pulling in at least $500,000 or more in personal income each year.

Find one of these successful salespeople – better yet, find five of them. Take note of the things that they all have in common with each other. Yes, there will be some differences in their styles, methods and philosophies. After all, they’re different people! But, if you can pinpoint their similarities, you can absorb those traits, understand their daily activities and help your entire sales team implement similar routines to bring them success as well.

To help out your cause, here are a few similarities that I have found exist in the successful salespeople that I have observed:

– Top salespeople are focused on value, not cost.

– Top salespeople are focused on ROI, not activity input.

– Top salespeople take immediate and decisive action and make decisions quickly.

– Top salespeople implement, rather than thinking about what to do next.

– Top salespeople associate with others like them, who are supportive of new ideas.

– Top salespeople are breaking the model of how business is being done traditionally in their industries.

Often, successful people are the ones with the most outrageous ideas. <– Click to Tweet

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new thoughts that come to you, no matter how crazy they may seem. Some of the most successful businesses and discoveries were once labeled as “crazy” until they became massive successes. Then, they were labeled as genius ideas.

Make 2016 your year. Not by dreaming or fantasizing about it, but by studying the successful people that you know and implementing similar actions.

What’s one goal you would like to achieve in 2016? Let me know in the comments below!

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