Will You Build Your Relationships in 2018?

Is your sales team doing enough to build their current relationships?

When you close a sale with a new client, you create a new relationship that needs to be nurtured. All too often, salespeople make a sale and then move to the next prospect. When a salesperson continues this trend long term, their client retention is going to fail…it’s inevitable!

I hope you’re helping your team think ahead and make a plan to increase their sales in 2018. But, as you know, client retention is just as important as client acquisition.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain and build your current relationships in the New Year. Be sure to pass this information off to your entire sales team so that they can develop their relationships:

1. Give Thanks

Thanksgiving does not have to be the only occasion to show appreciation for your clients.

Regardless of the business you’re in, an effective letter writing campaign can go a long way in acknowledging your current clients.

When drafting your letter, the key is to make sure that you’re being genuine. Your client will be able to see through your letter if you’re acknowledging them for the sake of acknowledging them. Put some thought (and heart) into your letter and truly make your appreciation for them known.

Sound simple? That’s because it is! And the real beauty is – it works!

2. Have Fun with Holidays and Celebrations

Most salespeople just sent out Christmas cards or presents, and I know you’ve probably heard enough about gift giving by now.

But, if you want to stand out and be remembered by your customers, why not try something a little different in 2018?

  • Valentine’s Day candy baskets.
  • Birthday cakes on their birthday.
  • Champagne on their company’s anniversary.
  • Plants on the first day of spring.
  • Orange and black candy for Halloween.
  • Thanksgiving cards or food baskets.
  • If your client has a volunteer day where they help out a local project in the community, see if you can participate with them.
  • Send a congratulations note to your clients when you know they’ve completed something significant in their personal or professional lives.

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They’ll definitely notice the extra thought that you put into your interactions with them!

Remember, your relationship and communication with clients does not end post-sale…it begins! If you’re giving them above & beyond attention while making the sale and then disappear after the deal is done, they’ll question your honesty and interest in their business. Keep maintaining and nurturing your current relationships and watch your sales grow!

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