Why One Thief Affects us All

 By now you know that a principle tenant of my sales philosophy is that Honesty Sells! In fact Steven Gaffney and I have a book coming out about this very topic early in 2009. Many sales people are tarnished with the snake oil; slimy liar; brush and is it any wonder? Bad and deceitful behaviour still exists. I know we all wish it was not this way but when one one us behaves badly, it taints the market for all sales people. After all, we sell within the perception of our buyers. It’s the buyers reality that influences whether they buy from us or not.

That’s why I am so frustrated with this Bob Beck plagiarizing scandal. Sure its maddening that he stole from me and profited from my work. Even worse though, he makes all sales people look bad. Based on Bob’s behaviour its easier for buyers to say; See, I told you, even the sales experts lie and cheat. Sigh. He has just made it harder for all of us – trainers, experts, and everyone on the street –  to sell honestly and build trusting relationships with our clients.

Today two more incidents of plagiarism surfaced affecting good friends of mine. You can see them at: 

Jill Konrath: Outing a Plagiarizing Expert

Jim:Bob Beck Trusted Advisor or Plagiarizer. You be the Judge

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