Why Cross-Selling Fails | Sales Strategies

Today, we’re going to talk about something that’s profitable and easy to do, yet so few people do it. It’s called cross-selling.

You’re probably thinking, “Colleen, of course we want to cross-sell and upsell our customers all the time.” However, I keep finding that less than 50% of my clients’ client base buy more than one thing from them. Why? Because the customer’s don’t know about the other products.

Sellers inevitably are always focused on one thing when it comes to the customer’s needs.

Other products that may benefit the customer may not even be mentioned, but the customer needs to hear about them. If they don’t get it from you, they’re buying it from someone else. The only reason they’re not buying products or services from you is because you’re not telling them about what you’re offering.

There’s a simple way to prevent this from happening. Every time you’re with a customer, spend 5 minutes to go over what you sell that the customer needs but hasn’t bought yet. Then, ask your customers about what else you can offer them.

Take a look at your product mix and your customers. Determine which of your customers need certain products that you’re not talking to them about and plan to introduce those products to them right away.

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  1. Seems to me that many sellers are afraid to ask for the sale so it’s no winder they don’t practice the strategy of cross selling. How to fix this? Training and coaching

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