When It’s OK Not To Grow

Sometimes, it’s OK for your business and sales not to grow.

You read that right.

The general theme behind most advice online is to “grow, grow, grow!” It’s the age of the “entrepreneurial hustle” and sales advice all over the internet is about doing more, achieving more and selling more.

Don’t get me wrong, even most of the content on our site is dedicated to sales growth, and why wouldn’t it be?

But, we should also acknowledge when we need to bring things back to down to reality and look at the “big picture” before preaching consistent and continuous growth.

Sometimes, it’s just not going to happen. And, that’s fine!

Today’s pandemic is a great example of why and how certain things are simply beyond our control.

Here’s another thought. There is the entire arena of life outside of business, one that often gets neglected due to our desire to grow, grow, grow.

Sometimes as business owners, executives, sales leaders and sellers who may work more than they probably should, we simply need to put the brakes on our professional lives to reestablish more time for our families and to reassess what we want out of our lives.

There’s nothing with wrong that. And it’s, in fact, a very noble reason to not grow in any particular year.

So, while I commend the desire to grow, we also need to keep a pulse on reality and what matters in our lives and realize when it’s perfectly acceptable for growth to take a backseat.

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