When is the right time to call?

According to the American Telemarketing Association, sellers have a 5 times better chance of reaching their prospect over the phone between 9 and 10 am their time than any other time of the day. The above statistic combined, with actual client results, do have me looking seriously at the 9-11 am time frame for business /sales funnel development activities. We have seen tremendous results with clients who commit to making sales calls for new business development during the hours of 9-11 am. Now to be fair, their success could be a result of making the calls. Period. Regardless of the time.

Or there could be something to this research.

80% of Engage clients who commit to regular daily calling activity insist that their calls be made during those hours. Coincidentally (maybe not?) those 80% are the most successful clients I coach. …so maybe the research has some teeth.

This week – You try it! I’d love to hear your results.

The research then goes on to show that  you are twice as likely to close a prospect that you see or call at the end of the day, after your “last call,” than at any other time. Now this is really interesting.

A few months ago Platinum member Autumn was $3000 behind her quota for the month on the last day of the month. After a couple of late afternoon calls, a faxed Purchase Order arrived on her desk at 4:45 PM on a Friday for $4500. Luck? Maybe. More likely? A testament to her hard work and continuous daily prospecting to keep her pipeline full of potential customers.

So why might this work? Maybe it’s because you are relaxed or in a good mood at the end of the day because you are done working. Maybe its because you have the guts and the work ethic to make “just one more call” Regardless of the reason try it. When you’re all done for the day, make one more call. It might be your most profitable.

Here is the formula I think will win you more business. Use the time between 9-11 am, to open new opportunities and fill the pipeline. Use the time between 3-5 to close them!

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  2. Actually we get some nice results when targeting higher management within larger companies when calling between 8 and 9 and after 5:30.

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