What Your Prospects Are Looking For

fernglasHave you noticed the number of personable business owners who can’t manage to get their sales results to a level that they are happy with?

They understand their industry and are likable as well, yet their prospects always seem to brush them aside for their competitors.

Does this sound familiar?

Many salespeople today seem to believe that the influx of new communication technologies that have arrived over the past 5-10 years are insignificant and meaningless to their selling. Nothing could be further from the truth. Too many salespeople still rely on their smile, firm handshake or charm to get them more sales.

Chances are, they aren’t happy with their results.

Prospects are now looking for much more than someone who is personable or can merely solve their problems. In today’s market you must be perceived as an expert thought leader in a specific area of interest to your buyers. ← Click To Tweet

It is essential now more than ever to eliminate the old “personable” model that everyone has seen or read about before. It sounds cliché, but you must be yourself and replace any ineffective model you’re currently using with your own voice as a subject authority.

Think of yourself as your own media channel. Share your insights, thoughts and advice to a mass audience both online and offline via products and tools that your prospects are frequenting.

Here is a list of avenues that the modern, high-performing salesperson is using to attract and create relationships with prospects:

– Blogs
– Newsletters
– Social Media
– Emails
– Forms
– Presentations
– Trade Shows
– Conferences
– Whitepapers
– Webinars
– Seminars

There is a near endless amount of channels to reach out to your prospects with. The critical thing to concentrate on is providing information and insights that are useful and important to your prospects. This is what they are truly looking for.

While it goes without saying that you should always be speaking with your prospects in a polite and personable manner, it’s not all that counts. Your prospects would much rather do business with someone who is not only likable, but is also reachable and active in the same places that they are.

It is vital, now more than ever, to embrace all of the different channels that are available, and to use them frequently to turn interested prospects into long term business relationships.

If you want to be truly successful with your prospects, you also need to develop the sales skills and expertise required to do so. Build your sales expertise with our free gift.

What’s your preferred method of relaying your thoughts to your prospects?

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