What Being the Best Gets You

One of the nice things about being in sales is that if you are good, you can write your own ticket. Go out on our own, chose a company with flexibility, work in a full commission environment, change locations and carve your own way. I chose to go out on my own and help others be successful too. Other top notch sales people have chosen to work for large brand name companies but continue to dictate their own terms and still others work for small flexible companies that don’t mind an extended vacation policy if you continue to be number 1 or number 2. Still another top sales rep I know moved from Vancouver the Whistler because she wanted to be close to the ski hill and her boss was OK with the change in location simply because he knew that it would not interfere with her performance….and it hasn’t. In short, being great at what you do buys you freedom.

Incidentally both Susan Friedmann and Darren Lacroix who are speaking at my Powerhouse event moved to locations that they love because they could! They are top performers and start sales people.

For Chris and I this has meant changing our business location temporarily to South beach where we can enjoy the beach and the sun for a month while working rather than battling the snow and cold. For us, changing the location of the business has no negative impact on the business because we can work from anywhere. I might even argue that moving to South Beach for a month will have a positive effect on the business because we are happier in the sun then we are in the snow! – although as I am writing this I noticed Chris has taken the Spanish flavor of the South Florida culture a little too seriously and has dozed off into a siesta so perhaps moving south will have a negative impact on the business after all 😉

Seriously though, I do encourage you to put yourself in the same position I have. Strive to be number 1 in your sales job so you can command the freedom and flexibility you deserve. Over the next few posting we will be discussing some of the habits of top performers you can emulate to be the best.

In case you are wondering….yes we did bring Conrad to Florida with us. Here he is resting after the first full day in the car. You’d think that after sleeping in the car for 12 hours he would be ready to go chase sticks for an hour but instead…found his first hotel bed experience to be rather heavenly!

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  1. Great idea to head to Soth Beach, wish I was there too. We had another foot of snow in Ottawa today … will it never end? Good news for the ski hill operators and body shops … but I’m thinking South Beach is looking pretty good! Enjoy increased productivity from less snow related hassles!

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