What are clients looking for in 2010?

What are clients looking for in their sales professionals and partners? Sales reps who have that special something: the skills, tendencies and attributes that help build strong and lasting relationships. They are looking for people they can trust over the long term.

Buyers are looking for partners with strong “personal” skills, according to ACT research. So, keep these in mind:

  1. Carefulness: Do you have a tendency to think and plan carefully before acting? This helps with reducing the chance for costly errors, as well as keeping a steady workflow going.
  2. Cooperation: Your willing to engage in interpersonal work situations is very important in the workplace and in your client’s perspective. Client’s love when you include other company resources and expert sources to help them solve their problems.
  3. Creativity: You’ve heard of “thinking outside the box”? Clients want innovative people who bring a fresh perspective. If you have nothing new to present, your clients will have no choice but to default to pricing as the key buying factor.
  4. Discipline: This includes the ability to keep on task and complete projects without becoming distracted or bored. Clients like to see that you can focus on their project – and them – from beginning to end.
  5. Drive: Clients want partners who have high aspiration levels and work hard to achieve their goals. Many senior level decision makers have remarked to me that they don’t return sales reps call just to see if the rep has the drive and desire to call back!
  6. Good attitude: Clients want to be associated with Life Givers. You know that so enough said. OK…one more thought. Be NICE.
  7. Goodwill: Clients want to know that you are well intentioned, not self serving.
  8. Influence: You clients need strong sales leaders to guide the way. Having influence means positively impacting sales situations by highlighting your expertise, being honest, asking questions and engaging your client.
  9. Optimism: A positive attitude goes a long way toward productivity.
  10. Order or Organization skills: “Where did I put that?” A tendency to be well organized helps clients to perceive that working with you will be without major distractions or “roadblocks.” Make sure it’s easy to buy from you.
  11. Safe work behaviors: Clients want sales people who are not reckless and unnecessary risk-taking in a work environment. Incidentally, the word safe is considered to be one the top 12 most influential words (according to Yale) so use it in your sales presentations for profitable results.
  12. Savvy: This isn’t just about job knowledge, but knowledge of the industry, your territory, the client, their family, and their working environment. It includes a tendency to read other people’s motives from observed behavior and use this information to guide one’s thinking and action.
  13. Sociability: How much do you enjoy interacting with clients, potential clients and your colleagues? Clients can sense if you are a team player.
  14. Stability: Clients want to know that you have a tendency to maintain composure and rational in stressful work situations.
  15. Vigor: Can you keep up? Your clients are busy business owners. They need to be sure you can keep a rapid tempo and keep busy.

Whew! It’s a long list and well worth studying. This week, be honest with yourself. Where are you weak? Which item do you need to work on? Choose one each week to work on and become the seller your clients love to buy from this year!

 Dedicated to increasing your sales,
Dedicated to increasing your sales!
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