Use Paranoia to Your Advantage

Want to know the very best way to keep the majority of your customer base?

Develop a healthy sense of paranoia. That’s right, paranoia.

Nothing is ever a sure thing in business.

[bctt tweet=”You never know when a revolutionary new product or service is looming around the corner, ready to snatch up your customer base – just ask Blockbuster. ” username=”EngageColleen”]

While I’m not advocating you stay up all night worrying about the stability of your client base, I am saying that being just a little paranoid will allow you to stay at the top of your game, think like a competitor, and ensure you’re delivering a quality product or service to your clients.

This allows you to also keep a pulse on “what ifs” and proactively take actions to ensure you’re prepared in case they come to fruition.

Here’s an exercise that will stimulate thinking amongst your team but also help you come up with potentially powerful ideas.

Get your sales team together in one room, and brainstorm all of the possible ways your competitors may attempt to reach, or sell to your clients and prospects. And then, work together to come up with a solution to every single one of these possible scenarios.

Not only will you be surprised with the number of potential threats that may be flying under your radar, but you’ll also have a plan of attack to handle the threats should they indeed arise.

You can’t grow if you’re losing customers! So, be a little paranoid about it and stay on your toes!

What’s one way you ensure you retain your customers?