Use Operational Value To Your Advantage

The best sellers and organizations know how to effectively use operational value to their advantage.

What is operational value?

It’s when you take tangible and intangible values and expand it across the organization—outside of the narrow channel you actually sell in.

For example, let’s say you’re selling software that helps automate patient onboarding for a surgery center or dental office.

For a lot of organizations, this is the sole value they’re focusing on and selling.

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But, here is some additional operational value that it brings:

  • It helps reduce the workload and stress of staff, which in turn leads to greater employee satisfaction.
  • Patient satisfaction will rise too because onboarding can be carefully and strategically executed automatically.
  • Patients can expect a consistent experience, so when they refer friends and family, there isn’t a dramatic difference in the onboarding processes, if any at all.
  • Adjustments to onboarding can be updated easily and automatically across the organization via the software. This means new processes can be handled entirely by the software, rather than it taking hours, days, or weeks while the workforce gets trained and up to speed.
  • Ultimately, it leads to decreased costs and increased satisfaction across the organization for the reasons listed above, which leads to further, organization-wide value.

Is this starting to make sense?

Not only does operational value make your products and services more appealing to prospects, but it helps your sales team develop more confidence in what they’re selling, it uncovers hidden and indirect value that might otherwise go unnoticed, and keeps your clients happy in the longterm.

Use it to your advantage!