Unlock this Powerful Sales Word

Ready to flip the script on stubborn prospects? Learn why this word is your new secret weapon.

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2 responses to “Unlock this Powerful Sales Word

  1. Very good and helpful suggestion, Colleen. As with all good selling “techniques” what you are doing is helping the prospect focus on possiblities and alternatives rather than digging their heels in and feeling like “all hope for them buying is lost”, because you won’t give them what they say they “have to have” to proceed.

    In the process of this evoltuion of the conversation – as long as they are still talking and you still feel it is worth your time talking with them (of course) – you gain the time and opportunity for both of you to look at the proposition from additional angles that hopefully will enable a happy resolution – sale – to take place.

    Thank you for this tip – I am about to go out and unleash myself on an unsuspecting world!

    I left my website in my sign up info – please feel free to visit.


  2. Excellent idea! I tend to like to use counterintuitive techniques like this one you have suggested. It fits well with the Jedi Mind Trick close.

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