Unhappy Sellers Won’t sell. A Message From my Business Coach

This morning I received the following note from my business coach Alan Weiss. It’s a MUST READ for everyone – especially the sales leaders and business owners in this community!

My wife and I have been flying a lot lately. In first class, the drill is consistent, no matter what carrier. There are 8 to 22 people. Yet the service varies significantly, even within the same airline. That front-line difference is all about the flight attendant’s attitude and behavior on any particular day. I do have choices when I travel. I’ve never seen happy customers when there are unhappy employees (either naturally unhappy or angry at the employer). I have seen happy employees and unhappy customers (no supervision, lazy, entitled). Always hire enthusiasm, you can teach the content. Get rid of people who always seem to be having a “bad day.” And make sure you demonstrate within the business the behavior you’d like to see bestowed on the customer.

Monday Morning Perspective: Few things damn a company and its spirit as thoroughly as to have its managers say, “You can’t get rich here but you won’t get fired.” This puts the emphasis on safe mediocrity. It breeds bureaucrats and penalizes what every business needs the most: entrepreneurs. — Peter Drucker

Don’t kid yourself. The way a team member behaves internally (towards, you, their colleagues your suppliers) is exactly the way they behave towards your client. Don’t accept “but I would never talk like that to a customer” as an excuse for a poor attitude or rude behaviour directed towards your team or yourself. It’s rarely the case that  a seller behaves differently in front of a customer than they behave in front of you. Correct the behaviour, or get rid of the team member. Now.

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