Two Thumbs Down for This Seller

Today we received a call back from a company whose website we visited and sent a contact us inquiry to regarding a inquiring about a trade show booth we need to buy. We sent the  inquiry at the end of March. This seller gets a thumb down for his sales technique and the company gets a thumbs down for its lack of lead tracking.  No Sales VP worth their weight would ever have allow this lead to go untouched for almost 45 days.

Since our initial inquiries (we reached out to 5 companies) we have received 3 call backs from other vendors, gone through he proposal stage, made a decision and are now in full production for our new booth. We were serious buyers and indicated as such on all  the web forms we filled out for each of the 5 suppliers. I guess the rep who called us today didn’t take our lead seriously.

The “term better late than never” is simply not true in sales. When you receive inbound inquires from your website, or as  telephone leads you must be in touch within 24 hours. Buyers are busy. If they are inquiring it’s because they have a need.

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2 responses to “Two Thumbs Down for This Seller

  1. Colleen,
    It continues to boggle my mind how often this happens. Do I (we) just happen to contact the companies whose business is so good in this economy that they can do without our business? The number of unreturned phone calls and unanswered emails defies logical explanation. Great post!


  2. It seems like companies just think they can just let us talk to automated systems and that will fix our problems.

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