To Persist or Not Persist? Today’s Sales Quiz!

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It’s your job to persist; it’s not your client’s job to return your calls. True or False?

  1. True
  2. False

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3 responses to “To Persist or Not Persist? Today’s Sales Quiz!

  1. Good Morning Colleen! I would like to wake up one day, and all of my customers that I emailed or called the day before will contact me, but I think we both know that is not realistic. It is our job to be masters of follow up, and reach out to them again after a realistic amount of time has passed from the previous contact. I guess the million dollar question that I have always wanted an answer to is… when you are reaching out to a prospect, and they are not returning your calls or emails, when is enough enough? When do you cut your losses and just move on? Do you be so bold to just stop by their office, and see if there is any chance of starting a business relationship? Thanks as always.. Tim

  2. Sorry Colleen, just waking up here! I just realized that your quiz said client and not prospect, but the same holds true! I have had many clients over the years thank me for repeatedly following up with them on things. They have thanked me for attempting to contact them, because they were busy, but had not forgotten about me, or whatever. At the end of the day, it is your job to keep in touch with them, and engage them, not vice versa!

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