Three Key Self Assessment Questions | Sales Strategies

One thing that I know all top performers have in common is that they’re really good at self-assessing such as asking questions on what they did well on.

There are three areas that we all should be self-assessing on. First, do some pre-call planning where you determine the minimum and maximum expectations of the call and your steps going forward. The assessment comes from how well the call went. Did you hit your minimum or your maximum? Did you get the prospect to move forward? If you didn’t, what did you do wrong that you can correct? If you did, what did you do right what you can leverage?

Second, assess after a loss. Go ahead and wallow for a short period of time, but afterwards, ask yourself what you could have done differently. Who didn’t you meet? What didn’t you ask? What value did you not provide? What call did you not make to ensure you don’t lose more prospects or clients? Sometimes, the self-assessment reveals that you should never have been chasing that customer to begin with because it was the wrong fit. It’s okay to make that mistake once, assess, and never do it again.

Finally, assess yourself after a win because you want to dissect what you did well. You need to know why you’re good and why you win. When you can assess what you did right in those wins, you can leverage it and replicate it to create more wins. That ultimately is going to drive sales up and accelerate you into a non-stop sales boom. So take some time to self-assess. It will only take a few minutes, but you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your sales.

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  1. Self assess after a loss-obvious–what did I do poorly and what can I do better. Self assess after a win–yes! what did I do well and great and how can I make that my best practice

  2. […] to remember this? Because we have to get losses out of our mind quickly and self-assess like we did last week. Ask yourself early on in the cycle if this is a deal you should be working on. Wouldn’t it be […]

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