There is No Such Thing as an Ideal Buyer | Sales Strategies

You no longer have an ideal buyer. You have to throw out the notion that there’s a single person inside your organization that makes the buying decisions.

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Your buying influences may come from different departments that you don’t usually sell to. They come from different levels or different positions, so they’re no longer just in the C-suite of the company. They could be VPs, directors, or managers. They might not even hold a managerial title at all.

Your job is to find and map each of these buying influences inside your organization and create an approach that attracts them all. You heard that right. In this marketplace, you need to attract and retain all of those buying influences if you’re going to close more business.

Once, one of my clients decided on this approach and they started to create sales and marketing materials that appealed to a broad range of influences inside their account. With this approach, they took their closing rate from 10% to 40% and they reduced the time it took to close those deals from 120 days to 95 days.

If they can make that kind of change, you can too. Just think about what this approach can do to your revenue acceleration.