Jump Start Your Revenue Growth!

Far too many companies out there simply aren’t growing.

They’re stagnating – once exciting results have been relived quarter and quarter and year after year and they’re itching to see greater revenue.

Does this sound like you?

Business isn’t about maintaining results, it’s about growing!

One of the biggest reasons many organizations have experienced a flatline in their revenue growth is because they aren’t managing their current accounts effectively.

This means one of two things:

  1. Current accounts aren’t renewing and doing more business.
  2. Or their current accounts aren’t ordering at the cadence that was expected.

If this is something you’re experiencing in your organization, don’t fret. There are a couple of easy fixes to remedy these issues.

The first is to dedicate an inside salesperson to reaching out to the 80% of your accounts responsible for 20% of your revenue. They should be reaching out to these accounts consistently via phone or email to ensure that orders are coming in as expected and customers are renewing higher than the industry average.

The second fix is to direct your field sales team to take the remaining 20% of your customers that are responsible for 80% of your revenue and conduct quarterly business reviews on those most important clients. By remaining in front of these key accounts more often, you will receive more orders more consistently and on top of that, when you add new clients – your revenue will soar!

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