There is No Excuse For This…

When it comes to objections, there is no reason you should be unprepared to handle them.

Think about it, there are generally only a few objections that you’re going to hear:

1. Your price is too high.

2. We don’t have time.

3. I’m not the decision maker.

4. This is not a priority.

5. You’re not the right fit.

Yes, you may hear a couple more above and beyond these or maybe you’ll hear variations of the five I’ve listed above. But, my point still stands.

When faced with an objection, you can spot an unprepared sales rep from a mile away. The break in eye contact, the look to the ground, and the stuttering tend to be dead giveaways that the seller doesn’t know how to handle the objection. These particular responses don’t exactly create a sense of confidence in the buyer.

For each of the common objections above (and any other your particular industry may encounter) you and your sales team need to have well-prepared responses or questions to handle the objections you face.

If a prospect informs you that your offering is not a priority, but to check back in two weeks, clarify why two weeks is a better option or ask to set up a meeting on a specific date so it doesn’t fall off of either party’s radar. If they present you with a price objection, you should be prepared to ask how high above the mark your current pricing is.

I’m not here to tell you the perfect canned response for each objection, but I can promise you that any strategic response you provide is better than a break in eye contact and a stutter. Wouldn’t you agree?

Don’t walk into a sales meeting unprepared. Know the common objections your organization hears the most and be prepared to handle them!

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