The World is Owned by People Who Follow Up.

 Two months ago, a freelance photographer was at an event I attended and took some photos of me giving a presentation. I gave the photographer my card and asked him to please call me when he had prints available to sell, as I needed some updated action shots. After I saw the prints on line for sale as hard copies I emailed him inquiring about buying the electronic copies.  You could say that basically, I begged to be a customer But, did he follow up?…NO. I have still not been able to buy photos from him.

Then, shortly after, by the luck of the draw, I had a phone conversation with a prospect at a technology call center in Ottawa, from whom I learned that “call center” work was a fill-in job for her. She is a struggling young fashion and portrait photographer with a small studio downtown. So, I asked her to please email me info about how to make an appointment for a photo shoot …and, you guessed it, I haven’t heard a peep from her either! She’s struggling and I’m begging to be a customer…and no follow up.

Last year I wanted to rent a cottage for 6 weekends during the off season and the cottage owner never returned one of my 4 emails.

You probably have endless stories in your own life, just like these…and I bet it drives you nuts too.  There are a few businesses that do “get it”.  Last week I received two E-reminders from my personal trainer – that I have not been to the gym in a while and bathing suit season is close. Bless him! – I went for my first personal training session in 5 months last week. Ouch.

 The million dollar question is who’s following up with your clients? Who’s following up on sales leads and opportunities?  You or the competition? Who’s immediately following up on customer complaints to create a positive outcome…or are complaints just left to fester?

 If you are a manager, are you following up on your team’s commitments to increase sales, reduce expenses, meet sign and submit deadlines, eliminate cancellations , and ensure prompt follow up with pending clients?  And who’s following up with your CRM vendors, printers, marketing departments and other internal partners to make sure that they don’t let you down?  Are you following up on your own promises to customers, staff and family? 

 So, what will you do to improve your track record in the “follow-up department” in every part of your business…and your life?  This week, make a commitment to follow up with everyone who bought last month. Send them a thank you note – if you didn’t do that the day after the sale, and call them to ensure they are happy with your product!

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3 responses to “The World is Owned by People Who Follow Up.

  1. Colleen,

    Super article. The “follow up” is crucial in job search as well. Many recruiters are looking for candidates to “take the bull by the horns” and make their job (hiring candidates) easy for them. When you pick up the phone and call a recruiter, or an employer – it demonstrates to them, that you are willing to go the extra mile to get the job. A great way to stand out against your competition.

    – Maureen

  2. Yes, it is amazing Colleen. There you are with your credit card in hand begging someone to swipe it for you, but they ask you to hold because they have an appointment across town.

    It’s no wonder people are loosing their jobs.

    Online they say the monies in the list, well offline the money is in the follow up. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve made over the years after the third, fourth, fifth or sixth follow up call, but I know it’s a lot.

    If you’re not following up with your prospects or your customers for that matter, you can be sure they’ll be someone like me who will.

  3. Emails should be replied witin 24hours.

    Telephone calls can be difficult if you have not taken the call yourself: writing down a number and handing over the number is less simple as it sounds.
    Isn’t it strange telephone comapnies don’t offer a web interface that list out the incoming calls and match with those that you have called afterwards?

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