The New Rules of Sales Success

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I am currently putting together a new presentation on sales – what’s working now kind of stuff – and doing a bunch of research on top performing companies and sales people. One “rule” that is apparent to me is that companies rise to the top when they provide a unique and exceptional experience for their clients. To me this means, that the worst experience you can give a client is the same experience they can get somewhere else.

Starbucks, Disney, Trump, KISS, Harley Davidson, and Mac, all create loyal raving fans – and charge premium prices – because they offer a different experience than you can get at any of their competitors.

Now you may be saying to yourself….”but Colleen I don’t work for a company like that. I work for a big company and I have no control over the experience a user has with our products! So how does this rule apply to me?”

You do have control over the client’s experience with you. And you can create extraordinary experiences for your customers in your own personal interactions with them, despite the company you work for.

One way to create a different experience is with extraordinary after-sales service – or customer follow up. According to a survey conducted by what’s working in sales management. 30% of all companies rank poor customer follow-up as their number one complaint with sales people. I suggest that you create a system for follow up that reaches out to your clients at least once per month with a newsletter containing industry updates, news and stories designed to help them grow. This newsletter should not be a product brochure but instead an information source packed with interesting and relevant information about the markets you serve.

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3 responses to “The New Rules of Sales Success

  1. During my selling days I sent out a monthly newsletter that met with rave reviews. It was a great way to stay in touch with prospects, clients and anyone else I wanted to stay in touch with. It was inexpensive, however, the returns were huge.

    Jim Klein

  2. Thanks for your comment Jim. I think all sales people can benefit from putting together a regular newsletter for their clients regardless of their industry or company.

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