The Key to Accountability is Ownership | Sales Strategies

I’ve been working with a business owner who’s been struggling with the concept of accountability because she just doesn’t want to fire people for not hitting their goals or penalize them for not doing the things she wants them to do.

So many times, we resort to thinking that holding people accountable has to have a negative consequence.

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Accountability can be positive and here’s how you build positive accountability in your organization.

First, start with the organizational goal or the personal seller’s goal. Get people in a room and ask them how they want to be held accountable for that goal. What will your sellers commit to doing in order to accomplish their goals? Gather those accountabilities and then coach people to the things they said they were going to do. That way, you’re encouraging them to reach their goals through their own methods.

When you hold people accountable to the actions they said they were going to do, there’s a much higher likelihood that they actually implement the tactics and strategies they said they were going to use and we reward that behavior. Accountabilities can be positive if people know that they created them rather than you telling them what they should strive for.