Do This Before Setting Sales Goals

We are now in the second quarter of the year! Didn’t we just ring in the new year?

By now, either you’re making steady progress towards your sales goals for 2017, or you may have already forgotten about the goals you set.

Whether you’re behind, ahead or whether reading these words is serving as a reminder to actually set important goals, there is a fundamental mistake that salespeople make when setting and working towards their objectives.

What’s the mistake you ask?

Often, salespeople and sales leaders are too focused on looking ahead!

Yes, this may seem like counterintuitive advice, but let me explain.

It’s difficult to move forward when you haven’t fully looked behind you.

Think about it. How are you going to set goals and create a plan that works if you haven’t taken a moment to analyze what hasn’t worked. How can you set objectives when you haven’t taken stock of your previous accomplishments to grow on them? How will you know which habits you need to alter or change, if you don’t know which habits have been helping you and which ones have been working against you? How can you truly replicate success if you don’t know what created your current success?

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When you work without this information, you set yourself up for failure, missed targets and stagnation in your sales results.

Don’t make this error! If you’re setting goals for the second quarter of 2017, ask yourself what you did well during Q1 and what you can improve on over the next few months.

The more you gain clarity on what’s behind you, the more you can accurately create what’s ahead. This is especially true for sales in your organization.

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