The Key to a Client’s 1,600% ROI | Sales Strategies

Last year, I finished a project with a client who generated a whopping 1,600% return on investment. How? They shared their wins internally.

Share Your Successful Best Practices and Wins Internally

During a debrief with this client of mine, they were showcasing their successes and highlighting the great work of their team. In particular, they told me, “You know what the most valuable thing that we got out of this program? The sharing of successful best practices and wins internally.” Never before had their salespeople shared successes and learned what worked and applied it to another team.

Record Your Wins on Video 

As we wrapped up the project, I told them, “Here is the best thing I believe you can do to keep this going: have every sales rep record a quick video outlining who the client was, what the situation was, how they won it, and what it was worth.” It will only take five minutes to give a quick synopsis of what they accomplished. Eventually, your team will be creating a library of these videos/wins that you can share during sales meetings.

I strongly encourage you to share your wins with your sales team. Have sellers learn from each other. It’s the best way to replicate what works in your market today. Incorporate that and I guarantee you can generate a return on investment as big, if not bigger, than what my client experienced last year.

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