The Easy Way to Improve Sales Closing Ratios

There’s an easy way to improve sales closing ratios.

When a sales leader notices that his or her ratios aren’t up to par, a variety of tactics are often implemented.

Strategic pivots, training, lowering the expectations, increased working hours are all common “solutions” implemented to remedy the situation.

However, there’s often a missing key which can be more effective than all of the aforementioned ideas combined.

That is, taking your top performers, the ones with the highest closing ratios on the team, and getting them to mentor the less effective sales reps.

Coaching from a sales leader is great, and shouldn’t be neglected, but often the best coaching can come from a colleague who is “in the trenches” with a struggling seller and is still creating great results.

Think about it, if even one person on your sales team has closing ratios that you want the rest of your team to live up to, then clearly it’s not a matter of whether or not it’s “possible” but rather the steps and actions being taken (or lack thereof) that are producing minimal results.

So, instead of reinventing the wheel, changing strategy (which may not even be the problem) and embarking on time-consuming and costly initiatives, why not simply identify who is creating results and get them to share their wisdom with the rest of the team?

It may just be the easiest way to improve the closing ratios on your sales team.

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  1. You get it Colleen!
    A habit I learned thirty years ago was to ask the top salespeople what they are doing differently from the ‘rest of the pack’ and what habits I could blend into my daily routine. Superstars will always share ideas and of course, the ideas worked perfectly. Small changes in habits can produce exponential results….

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