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I’ve had many opportunities recently to sit in during sales meetings and presentations, and I have to be honest. Awful is the really the only word that comes to mind.

I can’t help but think to myself “If this is how bad they are in a friendly environment among their colleagues, how are they in front of their customers?”

The thought makes me shudder.

This is what sellers need to do in order to properly prepare for high stakes sales calls and presentations.

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2 responses to “The Critical Mistake that Sinks Sales Presentations | Sales Strategies

  1. This is a very good video. You touched on some key aspects of great presentations that can be easy to overlook. I would like to add that the only way to really be able to present in a natural way, and to be able to field unexpected questions and thoughts is to really like what you are selling. Sales people, I feel, often represent products or companies that they have no real belief in. There has been a marked difference for me in my presentation, and natural ability to carry on a sales conversation when I truly felt what I was representing was of value and helpful to prospects, vs. when I was merely using my sales skills to sell something I didn’t believe in, or feel had value in the marketplace. I realize it’s not always possible to take a sales position at one’s ideal company choice, but when you feel as connected to a company and their offerings as if it were your own company, your presentation will be more authentic, which resonates with the prospect. Thank you again for sharing this!

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