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I get called in a lot to help companies grow their sales and whenever a company is not growing the way they want or not hitting their sales targets, I take a look at the pipeline because I know it is the #1 reason why people aren’t growing their sales.

If you’re not hitting or exceeding your sales targets, you’re probably suffering from an anemic pipeline. There are three things that we have to look at in order to fix the problems you’re having and create a healthy pipeline to grow your sales.

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First, your pipeline isn’t full because people don’t know how much they need in their pipeline to close the business. You have got to get clear on the metrics. What are your closing ratios? How many leads and how many qualified leads do you need in your pipeline in order to hit your goal?

Next, pipelines aren’t full because people refuse to modernize their prospecting techniques and they’re continuing to make cold calls or cold emails in isolation of everything else that’s available to them. By doing this, their results are not getting better, they’re getting worse. If that’s a problem for your organization, then you need to embrace modern prospecting techniques.

Finally, pipelines aren’t full because people aren’t prospecting every day. They feel like they’re too experienced or too sophisticated to prospect every day or they have too much going on. They prefer to serve their current customers and close business with them. If you don’t prospect every day, your pipeline will shrink and you will stop growing.

These are the three strategies that you can implement on a daily basis to improve your pipelines, which will accelerate your sales.

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