Take a Step Back at the End of the Year | Sales Strategies

December is truly a great time to stop and think about ourselves and our businesses from a marketing perspective as a salesperson, which we often don’t do.

Don’t Neglect Your Professional Image

Often times, we find ourselves incredibly busy at work: constantly responding to emails, prospecting, or closing deals. As a result, we often forget about taking care of our assets. I encourage you in the next week to take a good, hard look at your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter profiles, and make some tweaks that better reflect who you want to be seen as in the next year. These changes can encompass updating your experience levels, changing your profile picture, asking or giving recommendations, or brainstorming new content.

Indeed, December is an excellent time to evaluate your assets and how you want to be perceived in the new year.

I encourage you to take some of your down time to really update and hone the professional image you want to portray in your marketplace so that you can sell more in 2020.

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