Are You Spring Cleaning?

If you own a dog, you know how muddy they get in April. Conrad (our dog) definitely gets his fair share of spring cleaning baths. The good news? Spring brings about new opportunities and fresh beginnings. For example, while April means muddier dogs, it also means many more opportunities for them to get outside and exercise. Let's face it, winter can severely limit their time outdoors. It's also probably why "spring cleaning" exists in the first place. We seem to emulate nature and if the great outdoors are starting fresh, why can't we? It's important to take time to declutter your home, make space for new things and add that "fresh" feeling to your living space. But, are you taking the time to "spring clean" your sales as well? As we start a new quarter, it's as good a time as any to declutter anything that is blocking your sales success.

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