Selling Without Speaking?

Is it possible to sell without uttering a single word? It might be easier than you think. In sales, you must be in tune with appropriate nonverbal communication. Salespeople often lose sales based on their inability to master their nonverbal communication. And, if first impressions are everything, you may even be able to increase your chances of closing a deal just by putting extra effort into your appearance and keeping common courtesy in mind. Here are five simple ways to improve your sales etiquette and build trust...all without needing to say a single word. 1) Dress Appropriately Always dress at least one notch above how your client will be dressed. If you are unsure about their corporate culture for attire, it's never a bad thing to wear a suit. If you find out during your first meeting that a suit is frowned upon, or unnecessary, you can dress differently for the next meeting. Nonetheless, wearing a suit does show that you respect the prospect enough to clean up and dress up. 

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