Asking The Right Questions

Did you know that closing a deal isn’t a true success unless you’ve asked the right questions? Today’s new, emerging economy requires proper closing techniques in order to close profitable business, build long-term relationships and to create a long-term competitive advantage. Many of the closing techniques that are currently in place leave the customer feeling used, manipulated or strong-armed. It seems as though the sales world is currently filled with salespeople who will say or do anything just to close the deal. The end result is a customer who doesn’t trust the salesperson or the business they represent, and in turn the customer loses faith in the company’s’ ability to solve their problems. It doesn’t stop there. The salesperson often begins to look at his or her client as too much work, or being ungrateful for they work that they do put in. As you can see, in such scenarios, nobody wins. Carl Young once said, “To ask the question is already half the solution to the problem.”

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