Stupid-Ass Sales Strategies (SASS)

I'm trying to buy a pocket door for our bathroom and discovered that Masonite manufactures the perfect one. I look on their website and find a local re-seller and the first one that pops up is Florida Lumber. Great, they are open Saturdays! Chris pops down to place the order. The door should be no more than $450 Florida Lumber suggests an alternative manufacture that will cost between $650-$1100 and take 5-6 weeks to order. They also tell us that Masonite is out of business.  This seems odd since Chris and I were both on their website that day. Plus, we can't wait 5-6 weeks. Chris leaves empty handed and calls Masonite direct. Masonite is NOT out of business. They are alive and well, shipping products all over the US. Home Depot is now a re-seller so we call them, order the door, and are told it will be in in 9 days. Price is as originally expected. When we asked Masonite why someone would tell us a lie about them they responded with:

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