Connecting with Customers

You could be the world’s greatest salesperson selling the world’s best product, but if you can’t connect with your prospects, will your sales results reflect your expertise? If you can’t open a dialogue with prospective buyers, it becomes very difficult to sell a product or service! This is a common problem for many sales professionals, the inability to secure a conversation with potential customers. A certain feeling of frustration creeps in and it can become difficult to maintain the focus or motivation to keep trying. When you’re passionate about your product and its ability to help your prospect, the frustration tends to grow even more. Can you relate to these feelings? Chances are you have felt this frustration at one point or another. Want some good news? I have a few points worth discussing that will hopefully drive you to keep trying to initiate contact with your prospects:

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The Emotional Connection

You have the best product on the market, the best price, and the best service available. Yet, you still feel a void between yourself and your client. Emails and calls are short and to the point, and you may even feel anxious about your client ending the business relationship unexpectedly. You never really know where you stand with your client, professionally and personally. Have you felt like this before? I've said it before, and I'll say it again. What truly defines a great salesperson isn't what happens during the sales process, but what happens afterwards.

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