Suck It Up, Princess

We can’t stand complainers! I’m sure we’ve all met them – those people that have a thousand excuses why they aren’t doing better, be it in work or their personal life.

There is absolutely no point in being miserable when confronted with challenges. When faced with a bad economy or a failed business initiative, you have two choices: 1. deal with it, or 2. use it as an excuse to fail.

I heard the best line ever from a friend who isn’t typically a complainer. Out of character, one day he was bemoaning something and was told to Suck It Up, Princess. It succinctly and brilliantly represented view.

Someone asked us the other day if we’re worried about the bad economic climate impacting our business. We said No! While banks fail and large companies call down their revenue and profit numbers, being a micro business actually makes it easier.

Easier because you might as well just accept the reality of external challenges. You aren’t going to change the economy. You have no choice to accept the external environmental conditions and move to dealing with it.

Easier because you are more nimble. Shifting messaging and marketing collateral takes a larger organization tons of time and requires all sorts of internal gyrations. The micro business can decide to change their value proposition in the morning and be done by dinner. For example, changing from our services help you capitalize on this booming market to our services ensure you increase sales, even in a tough market.

Easier because you will be targeting a particular niche in a large market and, regardless of the overall economy, there is always a niche that continues to grow and spend money.

So, next time you are feeling sorry for yourself – stop. Too much is on the line. Accept the reality of the situation and decide how to act to deal with it.

Dedicated to making this your best year yet!

Casey Chris and Colleen at Engage!

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  1. Brilliant and dead on! It’s one of the reasons I wouldn’t make it working for a large company and continue to be a small, nimble business owner. Keep it coming!

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