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Get An Immediate Boost to Your Sales with
Exclusive Access to My “New Rules of Sales” Teleseries
Absolutely FREE!

Hi Colleen,

There are only a few short months left until our Sales Mastery Workshop but I know you want to start selling more now. That’s why I’m offering you a very special opportunity to access the secrets of top sales performers now with this special preview! In this three part teleseries, you will discover why the traditional sales lessons we’ve all heard just don’t cut it any more in today’s tough selling environment. And it’s available to you at absolutely no charge and no strings attached!

When you sign up for this special teleseries, you’ll get exclusive access to my research on what works in sales today – even in a recession. These New Rules of Saleswill help you immediately get prospects to return your calls, build your pipeline faster than you thought possible and dramatically accelerate the time you take to close deals. And in each teleseries event, you’ll have the chance to ask your most urgent sales questions to make sure you leave each armed to make an immediate impact on your sales.

And if that’s not enough, if you sign up now you’ll receive an additional special gift. I’ll mail you your very own set of CDs from the teleseries to provide you a lasting resource you can reference over the next months as you implement all these powerful ideas.

I want everyone to take advantage of this no-charge teleseries – how could anyone miss this opportunity to access this cutting edge research on sales top performers! But note that seats are limited. We only have 100 seats so sign-up now!

Sign-Up Now for the New Rules of Sales Teleseries

Remember, by signing up for this teleseries, you get exclusive access to sales techniques and tools proven to work in today’s tough selling market. How can you afford not to take advantage of this free offer?

Dedicated to increasing your sales,
Colleen Francis

P. S. Remember that you get access to this three part teleseries – all at no charge!

P.S.S. Seats are limited so sign-up now

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