…Speaking of listening

I just remembered…..

When we train sales people to listen we teach them to look at their prospects in “listening mode”. This means, sitting straight, making eye contact, pen in hand ready to take notes and mouth closed. Having your mouth closed is important because it signals to your prospect that you are listening – not getting ready to talk – AND that they have your full attention. Its a sign that you are ready to take direction from them.

Interestingly…..Chris and I are in puppy training classes with our 4 month old puppy Conrad. We are learning how to get their attention and the trainer said: “You will know when you have the puppies full attention when they lock their eyes on you and close their mouth. A closed mouth is a sing that they ware waiting for your next direction”.

….now if I could only train Conrad to take notes!

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  1. Thanks for this great insight Colleen. I just went down to the kennel and enrolled all my reps in puppy training 😉

    Seriously, totally agree. If you believe that customers buy, rather than get sold, then the old adage, “you have two ears and one mouth, use them in that order” is a highly valuable rule to remember.


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